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So, did anyone else cry towards the and of Kashimashi, or am I just wayyyy too sensitive? I know people who cried during Saikano (I didn't, surprisingly enough. I just felt really depressed after the last episode), and I know at least one of my friends cried during the ending of Hoshi no Koe...but anyone else with Kashimashi?

If not, I'll just say...I have been feeling a little odd lately, so maybe my hormones and all that are out of synch. ;p

btw, does the ending of the series get cleared up in the 13th episode?

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I was on Tomari's side the whole time, so, having just watched the 13th episode, I'm very happy. That was a really nice ending T_T
I cried many times too... i can't even describe in words how tragic those parts were... until the end... I'm still surprised why Yusuna didn't keep Hazumu though
i cried like a baby.. but i just watched the first season so..
im sure im gonna cry again.
I cried all the way from I think episode 7++ >w< I'm such a big girl >.>

But it was sad..