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girl meets girl

Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl~
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Oneeniisama!!! X3
Welcome to the Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Community!

For the Unitiated:
Kashimashi, a series composed of both a manga and an anime, is the story of a girly-boy-turned-girl and his/her/hir love interests. The appeal, it seems, comes from the revolutionary replacement of the stereotypical indecisive boy with an indecisive girl (who some would argue is not truly a girl, leading to heated arguments about what exactly gender is). But, admit it, we're all really here for Jan-puu. XP

1. Be polite. If you cannot keep it civil, there will be mod intervention.
2. Put your spoilers/non-worksafe material under a well-marked cut. Please.
3. Use a cut for an image-heavy post. Remember, some folks still live with dial-up.
4. Try to post on topics relevant to our interests.
5. Promotion of communities is fine when done sparingly and--there's that word again---relevantly.

Official Kashimashi Site
Kashimashi Radio
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