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girl meets girl

12/17/06 09:04 pm - patamon

Hey everyone! I guess this community's been dead for a while...but I figured I'd make a little into/question post, anyway.

I downloaded Kashimashi in September, looking for good anime (mainly yuri-ish anime) to watch. Then I ended up getting caught up in finishing Kiminozo...went on to watch all of Shuffle!...and started sporadically watching Eureka Seven. Then, I finally sat down and watched Kashimashi. I'm at episode six, and I love it. I'm a sucker for romance-type anime, but sometimes I get tired of all the boy/girl stories, so it's kind of a nice change of things, for once.

I'm wondering if there are any other good series like this out there. Yaoi's not my thing, so I'm just looking for yuri-ish stuff. I'm looking for something that actually is yuri/shoujo-ai, and not just...something that has extremely subtle hints, and nothing ever gets confirmed. :P

Anyway, nice to meet all of you.


9/5/06 06:27 pm - hikari2002 - Question

I actually finished watchign teh series..... and the ending was kinda weird and I wanted to ask if anyone understood it...


Read more...Collapse )

Also is there suppose to be an OVA coming out in October or is that a rumor ?

8/18/06 08:25 pm - bells_drabbles

I've recently started an essay-writing community called societyofsoap, and one of the members posted an extremely thorough analysis of a short scene from episode 5 of Kasimasi, and how it connects to the major themes of the series, sexuality and justice. It's really worth checking out, so if you're interested, please click the link above. Thanks!

8/1/06 04:21 pm - blackrose_mai - ///Icons///

Well I was a bit bored yesterday... and since I love this anime I made a couple of icons on my LJ. Also one banner...
I <3 Girl Meets Girl... :-)
http://blackrose-mai.livejournal.com/<< click

5/10/06 05:26 pm - kohakumiko

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Join kasimasi_rating.

I'm still looking for somebody to moderate it with me, so, yeah.

4/24/06 01:10 pm - kohakumiko


I am starting a kasimasi ~girl meets girl~ ratings community, kasimasi_rating. I am still trying to get most of the things done so I guess you could say it's under construction. I am looking for someone that might like to moderate the community with me, maybe? Because right now the layout is looking rather .. crap X3 But, yes. I'd also like to affliliate with this community, if that's okay?

I'd also like anyone here who would like to join, please do! Community should be up and running in a day or two x3

3/27/06 10:11 pm - ex_doubtful943 - Icons!

Only four, and three of them are really just bases. But I figured I'd share anyway! :3

1 Hazumu
1 Tomari
2 Yasuna

Comments are nice, credit not required [especially not for the first three], just don't claim them as your own.

Here :3Collapse )

3/16/06 04:21 pm - lostxheaven - Whoo Just Joined and Kashimashi Forum?! :O

Yeah, hello there all! I just joined n' stuffs :] I love Kashimashi. My favorite characters has gotta be Sora-sensei, Ayuki, and Tomari. I like the Hazumu/Tomari pairing a bit more than I do Hazume/Yasuna. I find them together so much cuter lol But I'm a fan of both :P Oh yes, and I made a Kashimashi forum. Please join and help it grow(lol Finally I'm going around promoting it)

3/3/06 01:07 am - mercurianangel - introductory icon request XD

I know I just joined...but here I am to beg you talented icon makers 0: X

Can I get an icon of this?Collapse )
Or any other Ayuki ones?
pleaaaaaaaase? >.<
*puppy eyes of doom*

3/2/06 10:08 pm - coyul - Woah, this is the only community for Kasimasi.

I just recently fell in love with Kasimasi, and made a few icons. :D

Fake cut! )

BTW, I just joined. ♥
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